Stephanie Frisch Insurance 101 Services 

  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Supplements
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How can that be you ask?

I have contracts with the insurance companies that I work with. They pay me when I enroll someone into one of their plans.

No Pressure

My consultations are no-fee as well.

If I end up not enrolling you in one with one of the companies that I represent, there are no hard feelings!  Many times people circle back to me after finding that they can't find the same knowledge and service from working directly with the insurance companies or using another more inexperienced broker. 

Stephanie Frisch Insurance 101 Services

I try to educate my customers about the insurance decisions they're making.  Insurance is one of the most important purchases a person makes, and just signing on the dotted line and paying your premium isn't enough.  You should learn about your options, weight the pro's and con's and know what protection your insurance gives you and what your exposure will be financially should you suffer from an illness or an accident.. 

what to expect during an appointment

My services are free to you

  • Medicare clientsgenerally will meet with me at my office for no less than one hour.  During that time I explain what Original Medicare Parts A & B cover, and what it doesn't cover.  Then we discuss the other options that either replace Original Medicare; such as Medicare Advantage Plans. Or the options that enhance and complete necessary coverage with original Medicare; Medicare supplemental plan and standalone prescription drug coverage.  When meeting with me please have a list the doctors that you would like to continue to see and any medications that you take. 
  • Covered California: If you're interested in seeing if you qualify for subsidy under Covered California you will need to have your estimated annual income for the year you will have coverage, the income of everyone in the household whether they need coverage or not.  I do these consultations and enrollments via phone appointments and Web Ex.

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